Train your leaders and teams to effectively manage and resolve conflict

Our practical workshops are designed to upskill managers and team leaders, so they can address conflict, bad behaviour and team culture problems with confidence.

‘You Can Fix Your Team’ Workshop for Managers

Whether or not your organisation has a Human Resources function, managers are on the frontline. Given that conflict and bad behaviours in the workplace are inevitable during every manager’s career, they need skills to handle tricky situations in the workplaces they oversee.

After this half-day workshop, managers will demonstrate understanding and good judgment, and be able to present the challenge, the solution and the business case for the intervention, in a professional and credible way.


5 Essential Management Skills Workshop

This workshop takes participants through a worked case study, to demonstrate how managers can exercise the 5 essential skills of the modern workplace, based on Tool #11 of Fix Your Team:

Managing conflict

Being present

Walking the talk (values)

Having difficult conversations

Ensuring clarity


‘Fix Your Team’ Workshop for Internal Advisors

For people working in Human Resources, legal, risk and compliance, a core part of their role is to manage and advise on complex and risky workplace cases. This half-day workshop is built around a real case study, giving them the opportunity to work through the key learnings of ‘Fix Your Team’ in real time. This workshop builds their confidence as they advise and guide their colleagues, team members and managers.



Worklogic offers a comprehensive range of in-house training programs to help you resolve workplace conflict, enhance skills and build a positive culture at work. We can also deliver customised training to support your team or organisation’s specific needs.


1:1 Coaching to Fix Your Team

Want to fix your team yourself, but need some offline support to make sure you are going about things the right way?  Our 1:1 Coaching will guide you to diagnose the problems within your team and then apply the tools to fix them.


Keynote Speakers

Book Fix Your Team authors Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard to speak at your next conference, staff retreat or team meeting.  They deliver interactive, engaging and inspiring presentations based on their extensive experience, to rave reviews!