The Worklogic team are in strong demand as speakers at conferences, events and meetings on a broad range of topics relating to managing workplace conflict and building a positive culture at work.

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Our Presentation Topics

Resolving Workplace Conflict + Managing ‘People’ Risk
Toxic at the Top: Can toxic managers be reformed?
Bullies, Backstabbers and Bigots: Managing Workplace Conflict and Inappropriate Behaviour
Successfully Managing Conflict between Staff
High Conflict Personalities in the Workplace
‘If you go down to the woods today…’: What behaviour risk is lurking in your sector, and what do to about it
Help! Underperformance, Misconduct and Toxic Behaviours in the Workplace

Workplace Investigations
How to Conduct Effective Workplace Investigations: Avoid costly errors and make robust findings
Advanced Workplace Investigation Workshop: Hypotheticals and Thorny Issues
Triage of Concerns & Complaints
The Seven Golden Rules for Procedurally Fair Workplace Investigations
What went wrong? Latest cases of flawed investigations

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
High Performing Workplaces: What they look like and how to achieve nirvana
Walking the Talk: Living the Values at your Organisation
Emotional intelligence: Making your organisation more competitive

Leadership Skills
High Performing Workplaces: What they look like and how to achieve nirvana
The Five Golden Rules of Managing People Risk
Difficult Conversations: Tips and traps
The Motivating Manager: Leading Disillusioned, Disengaged Employees through Difficult Times
Ethical Leadership