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Ethical Leadership

What sort of leader do you strive to be? Ethics and values are the most important organisational attribute needed to engage employees, so leaders must ‘walk the talk’, whatever their preferred leadership style.

This course encourages self-reflection, and teaches you a new way to think about your leadership journey. Learn how to exercise moral courage, apply practical wisdom and have a well-informed conscience – building a foundation for the respect of your colleagues and the performance of your team.

Topics covered:

  • Leadership vs. management
  • Understanding the business case for ‘ethical’ workplaces
  • Technical excellence ≠ management skill!
  • Making an ethical decision
  • Leadership can be tough, so look after yourself
  • What is my leadership style? Why should people be led by me?
  • Leadership styles that don’t work
  • 7 Keys to Being a Good Leader


This course has been designed for:

  • Senior leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors


Half day


Course held in-house at your organisation, delivered for up to 20 people – $2,800 +GST

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