Provide an independent channel for your staff to report workplace complaints

In today’s business and regulatory environment, the effective management of risk and the maintenance of an ethical, respectful and constructive workplace culture is fundamental to your organisation’s value proposition. A simple and accessible independent whistleblowing system should be a key part of your risk management and compliance strategy.

The challenge for employers often lies in providing a safe and secure channel where staff and other stakeholders feel comfortable and confident in reporting their concerns about inappropriate behaviour they experience or have witnessed at work.

It is important to remember that not all staff feel able to report their complaint directly to their manager or HR – and some staff may only be willing to make their concerns heard anonymously.  Our experience is that the earlier a concern is identified and dealt with, the better the outcome for all concerned.

Providing an independent, secure reporting channel to report complaints about inappropriate behaviour at your organisation:

  • demonstrates transparency and the organisation’s commitment to best practice in employee engagement and occupational health and safety
  • acts as a powerful disincentive for misconduct by sending a strong message to all employees that actions may be observed and confidentially reported
  • ensures you are made aware of, and can address, complaints that that may otherwise not be reported
  • enables you to proactively manage workplace complaints and risks in a timely manner
  • reduces the risk of complaints being made through other channels (like the media)
  • reduces the administrative burden on your HR team and compliance officers by outsourcing the collection and handling of complaints
  • minimises the impact and costs of workplace misconduct.

Worklogic’s Integrity Line

Integrity Line

Worklogic has established Integrity Line, an independent workplace complaints receipt service, where your employees and other stakeholders can confidently, securely and anonymously (if they wish), report inappropriate behaviour at your organisation.  Concerns can be reported via Integrity Line’s telephone service (1800 468 456) or Integrity Line’s secure online reporting system.

Become an Integrity Line subscriber

The annual subscription for the IntegrityLine depends on the number of total potential people you want to be able to access this service. For most subscriber companies, this equates to the number of employees.  However, some companies also encourage customers and/or members of the public to use the Integrity Line service.

We charge a modest annual subscription, in addition to our hourly rate to handle any complaints (ie, if there are no complaints, there is no additional charge).

Your subscription to the Integrity Line includes:

  • Easy, 24 x 7 online access to an independent, secure and anonymous reporting service
  • Handling of reports by workplace consultants with extensive training in complaints-handling, privacy and confidentiality, data security, ethics and whistleblower protection
  • Reliable capture and recording of identified risks
  • Regular evaluation and reporting of complaint statistics
  • A meeting with a Worklogic consultant and your HR director, risk manager or other senior managers about how your organisation can make the best use of Integrity Line
  • A Welcome Pack including magnets with the telephone number and website
  • Posters for notice boards in tearooms, HR and common areas
  • Wording for an email introducing all staff to Integrity Line
  • Liaison with your IT staff or web manager about including links to Integrity Line on your intranet
  • An invitation for two senior staff to attend an annual half-day workshop conducted by our exceptional trainers on current topics of workplace best-practice.

Create a customised workplace complaints reporting service

For large organisations, and employers who wish to tailor the service to their own branding and policy provisions, we can create a customised workplace complaints reporting service to meet your specific needs. Customisations can include:

  • rebranding of the Integrity Line site to match your company branding
  • integration with your existing policies and processes, referring to specific definitions and provisions
  • inclusion of relevant information about your company and contacts, such as contact officers and your Employee Assistance Program
  • extended opening hours for our telephone complaints receipt service
  • customisation of the online reporting form.

Free 1 Hour Consultation

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