Set the standard for ethical and constructive behaviour at work

Clear, up-to-date and robust employment policies inform employees what is and is not appropriate behaviour in your workplace, and help staff to comply with your expectations. Effective employment policies, backed by robust complaints procedures, help reduce the likelihood of harassment, discrimination and bullying occurring at work.

Strong employment policies and complaint-management procedures also ensure you can respond with confidence if your staff act inappropriately.

Too often, employers do not have effective, clear or compliant policies and procedures.  They fail to effectively communicate these to stakeholders, or they do not enforce or follow them.  This can leave you exposed if there is a complaint about inappropriate behaviour or misconduct at work.

To minimise risk and ensure your employment policies and procedures are current, reviews should be undertaken at least annually to reflect new legal standards, as well as after any workplace complaint investigation or policy challenge.

Employment Policy and Procedure Development

Worklogic has considerable experience working with employers to develop compliant, robust and effective employment and HR policies and procedures.  Our expertise includes:

  • Organisational Code of Conduct
  • Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  • Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Workplace Bullying Policy
  • Misconduct, Theft and Fraud Policy
  • Proper Use of Company Equipment Policy
  • Social Media and Internet Use Policy
  • Workplace Conflict of Interest Policy
  • Grievance and Complaint Procedures
  • Whistleblower Procedures.

Our Approach

Worklogic’s consultants have extensive experience in senior HR, management or law. We have seen every type of policy – and we will tailor yours to fit your staff and workplace culture. We work collaboratively with you to review and draft compliant, effective employment policies and procedure – and then to communicate these policies to staff. We will:

  1. Review your existing employment policies and procedures, forms and guidelines
  2. Review your policy training program for new and existing staff
  3. Identify any gaps or risks
  4. Recommend updates to your policies and procedures where necessary
  5. Develop new policies and procedures where necessary
  6. Develop a plan to implement your updated policies and procedures, including a communications strategy and training program
  7. Conduct refresher training for your management, staff and other stakeholders.

Our comprehensive, thorough and robust approach is why our clients trust us with this important work.

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