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How to fix dysfunctional teams

In a recent video seminar, Grevis Beard discussed the topic of ‘How To Fix Dysfunctional Teams‘ with the International Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Dysfunctional teams drive away top talent, damage morale and wellbeing, and cost businesses millions in reduced productivity.

Many organisations have limited HR capacity, and managers are often taken by surprise when interpersonal issues and bad behaviour start to affect their team’s culture, reputation and output.

In the seminar, Grevis Beard explored four key questions:

  1. How Common Are Dysfunctional Teams & Bad Behaviour In Australian Workplaces?
  2. What Issues Most Often Cause Problems In Team Functioning?
  3. What Skills Do Managers Need To Be Able To Address Those Issues?
  4. Is The Greatest Risk We’re Addressing The Legal Risk?

How common are dysfunctional teams?

Check out this extract where Grevis discusses how common team dysfunction, workplace conflict and inappropriate behaviour at work is in Australia:

How to fix your team

Watch the overview of the full session below.


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