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Fix Your Team is all about empowering people to understand and fix the problems that are dragging their teams off track. You can read the first few chapters for free!

In Chapters 1 and 2, we explain how Fix Your Team will help you to

  • Develop confidence in your analysis of team problems
  • Know what tools are available to shift a destructive, inefficient or unethical dynamic
  • Learn how to choose what tool will work best (including best use of your resources)
  • Develop the business case, resources and buy-in for your intervention

Chapter 3, Gossip Culture, is the first of 12 common team dysfunctions identified in Fix Your Team. You’ll learn:

  • Symptoms of a ‘Gossip Culture’
  • Motivations of gossipers
  • How gossipers can breach legal standards
  • How gossip thrives in an information vaccum
  • The impact on the team
  • A case study about gossip on social media.

Free Chapters

Download the Introduction and Gossip Culture chapters from the Fix Your Team book with our compliments.