Section 3 ‘Fix Your Team’ Workbook:
Where to start to fix your team

If you’ve read the first half of ‘Fix Your Team’, you’ve already learned about the 12 common team dysfunctions. Now you’re ready to get to work!

Section 3 of ‘Fix Your Team’ leads you through a process of reflection and assessment, to understand your own team better and get to the heart of the complex and thorny issues that are pulling your team off-track.

‘Fix Your Team’ Workbook

This workbook, used in conjunction with the ‘Fix Your Team’ book, will help you consider:

  • which of the 12 dysfunctions might be happening in your team
  • the context in which your team is operating, including regulatory, industry and stakeholder issues
  • whether the surface problem might be hiding the real problem
  • whether more than one problem is at play.

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