Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard have over 20 years’ experience working in employment law, complaints-handling and management consulting. Working with employees, managers and leaders across the Asia-Pacific region to address team problems and organisational dysfunction, they know that conflict and bad behaviour can be addressed early and proactively, to stop workplace problems spiraling out of control.

Rose and Grevis want to empower every employee, manager and adviser to understand what is going on in their teams, and learn the tools to fix problems. That’s why they wrote Fix Your Team – to share with leaders, managers and workers the insights they need to improve every working day!

Together Rose and Grevis co-founded and lead Worklogic, a respected workplace advisory firm. Worklogic works with employers to prevent and minimise the impact of inappropriate conduct in the workplace, and to build a positive culture. Worklogic has delivered over 1,500 projects since 2007 for employers large and small, including major companies, government departments, non-profits and other good employers across the Asia-Pacific region.

Rose, Grevis and the team at Worklogic can help you to Fix Your Team by:

  • conducting a Fix Your Team Review of dysfunctional teams at your workplace
  • coaching you to apply the Fix Your Team Toolkit to resolve team dysfunction
  • organising workshops to upskill managers and in-house advisors
  • investigating cases of misconduct or unprofessional behaviour
  • running a mediation between disputing employees
  • facilitating organisation values projects

Rose and Grevis are also in-demand speakers at conferences and events.


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Grevis Beard

Author, Speaker + Co-Founder & Director at Worklogic

Grevis Beard’s career over the last twenty years has included legal, advocacy and consulting roles. His advice is sought on the full gamut of workplace behaviour issues, conundrums and conflicts. A self-diagnosed extrovert, Grevis is a popular speaker on the conference circuit.

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Rose Bryant-Smith

Author, Speaker + Co-Founder & Director at Worklogic

Rose Bryant-Smith is an in-demand workplace consultant and company director. With a background in employment law, ethics and leadership, she has a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and what makes people tick. Rose is passionate about building productive and happy workplaces where everyone can thrive.