Dysfunctional teams reduce productivity, waste management time, and cause stress

If you are working in, advising or managing a dysfunctional team, then you know first-hand the destructive impacts of conflict, bad behaviour and poor culture.

Dysfunctional teams drive away your top talent, damage morale and wellbeing, and cost businesses millions in reduced productivity.

But a dysfunctional team doesn’t have to stay that way. In ‘Fix Your Team, authors and Worklogic co-founders Rose Bryant-Smith and Grevis Beard show you how to take action and get your team back on track!


4 Steps to Fix Your Team
(and get productivity, culture and performance back on track)

1. Read the Book

Get your own copy or order in bulk for every manager in your organisation and save!


2. Train Your Leaders

Train and coach your managers, team leaders and internal advisors (HR, risk, compliance, legal) to fix their teams, manage risks and be future-ready.


3. Conduct a FYT Review

Conduct a Fix Your Team Review to diagnose the causes of the team’s dysfunction and implement strategies to resolve them.


4. Call in the experts

Call in the Worklogic experts to deliver a mediation, conflict coaching, workplace investigation or other intervention. We can coach and assist you to resolve conflict, confusion and complaints.




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